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WHO WE ARE: We are young at heart, with an innate aspiration to create. We delight in affectionate and playful relationships, from which new creative possibilities effortlessly arise.

WHAT WE BELIEVE: Artichokes are beautiful flowers. They generously spread their leaves to open their hearts wide. Whenever they are near –in the kitchen or at the table- they bring people together. They invite tenderness, lightheartedness and spark innocent flirtation. We know magic happens when hearts unite. Their delicate texture, savory flavor along with their stunning visual qualities perform culinary magic too. What they do for a meal is the equivalent of slipping into something special, a quick change of clothes that transforms a meal into a memorable, festive occasion. As our favorite food, they are also rich with nutritional value that is enlivening and healthy. They keep us youthful and they make us feel good.

WHAT WE DO: We celebrate tender hearts of both the human and artichoke varieties and we explore the magic that happens when they come together. We see new possibilities for artichokes, for people and their events everywhere we look.